Libby is located in far Northwestern Montana. Amtrak's Empire Builder provides the only public transportation for the community, which is 100 miles from the neareast commercial airport, and all road access to Libby is via mountainous two-lane highways. Seventeen miles east of Libby is Libby Dam on the Kootenai River, which was dedicated in 1975. The dam is 422 feet high and 3,055 feet long, and creates Lake Koocanusa (a combination of KOOtenai, CANada, and U.S.A.), about 90 miles in length and extends into British Columbia. Because the reservoir created by Libby Dam would inundate the railroad (the route of the Empire Builder starting in 1929), a new route was constructed around the dam near the station of Jennings and Stryker, northwest of Whitefish. The Empire Builder began using the new line in 1970.